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Our Services

Let us take care of your security guarding needs while you get on with your business.

Taking care of your security guarding requirements is easy with us, whether you have an environment that has regular incidents of vandalism, violence towards staff, or a construction site requiring security guards. We can provide wide ranging security services including manned guarding to warehouses, car parks, construction and renovation sites, offices, estates, etc.

Whether you need one security guard for an evening or fifty security guards for a 3-year term, we can help you.

If you need a quality, competitively priced, and insured security guard service anywhere in Essex, Hertfordshire or Greater London , then contact us now on Tel 01279441649 Fax 01279830116 mob 07930762642 e-mail 24 hours 7 days a week to discuss your potential security guarding requirements.

Free initial consultation and assessment

• Complete facilities inspection
• Environmental security risk assessment
• Intensive client consultation
• Detailed analysis of security needs
• Ongoing improvement of security systems
• Special events security

Typical service we provide can be split into these four areas:-

Access Control
- Issuing passes
- Recording visitor details
- Searching vehicles and people
- Monitoring
- Barrier operation
- Checking identification

Security Patrol
- Locking and unlocking
- Retail security
- Reception duty
- Setting and isolating alarms
- Challenging suspicious people
- Checking equipment

- Providing first aid
- Site evacuation
- Reporting breaches of company rules
- Detection of illegal substance abuse
- Detection of improvised explosive devices
- Testing fire alarms

Mobile patrols to visit your premises on a regular schedule out of your working hours.
Covered in our mobile patrols we can also provide:
• Lock up:- we will secure your premises after the close of business
• Alarm response
• Key holding. we will attend the call but have to have a member of staff accompany us into the premises
• Night supervision of static guards
We can supply guards for your site giving you 24 hour protection

We specialise in providing tailor made security solutions:

  • Security Guards
  • Key Holding
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Store Detectives
  • Surveillance
  • Emergency Response