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Patrol Monitoring


Our Patrol Monitoring system is a proof of attendance solution and lone worker protection tool that is ideally suited and designed for the security industry. The system utilises a variety of technologies such as NFC (near-field communication) phones and RFID (radio frequency identification) tags.

We are able to immediately prove where our employees went, at what time, and what they did whilst there. This data is then fed in real-time to a secure Server for further processing and analysis, and can be viewed from a secure website by Management and supervisors of Eagles security and clients can view data relating to their sites using a secure
password in real time.

Benefits of our system

  • Proof that our guards are performing the patrols that they should be and at the correct time,
    with alert to Supervisor by SMS or email if missed.
  • Help to ensure the safety of our staff with our attendance alert and emergency alert features.
  • Provide evidence to you our customer of when your sites have been patrolled and where the
    guards went.
  • Easy to use solution that runs on a mobile phone so no need for separate expensive devices
    such as PDA's.
  • Ability to collect data on-site without filling in paper forms.
  • All information available in real-time, including pictures of site and state of damage if any.
  • Web based reporting allows any-time access to data for managers, authorities and our
  • There are no extra costs to you our client when you sign a minimum of 12 months
    security contract with us.