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  • control room staff
  • security stystems
  • alarms - cctv remote, motion detection
  • range on motion detectors
  • light on motion detectors
  • software multiew
  • access security system over the internet

Our knowledge and experience of control room management has made us the first choice provider to many blue chip companies like SERCO, local authorities, city centre partnerships and commercial organisations across the UK.
We are recognized for our skills in training of CCTV operators, not only in the initial stage (see our Training section) but ongoing on the job training to ensure all operators are always up to date with the ever evolving requirements and legislation.

Employees are fully licensed and equipped with all the necessary skills and training to provide the most efficient management, operation and monitoring of CCTV control rooms.

Eagles CCTV operators take pride in their work and as a result have received many commendations and praise for what they achieve from our clients and their partners.

In addition to full control room management we also offer an interim service that provides temporary contracts (e.g. maternity leave and coping with short term staffing shortages) to local authorities etc in their own control rooms.