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Harlow Static Guarding

Eagles Security is your perfect sub contract partner for work you are unable to cover. Listed below are some examples of duties that are generally covered with Static Guarding.

    Static Guarding Duties

  • Patrolling around perimeter of location
  • Security personel with smart attire with the ability to negotiate uniform
  • Control and monitorization of vehicles and personel in the area
  • Applying training to ensure that the subject location is well monitored and property/materials in question are secure
  • Recording Visitor Details
  • First Aid qualified in the event of an emergency
  • Setting and isolating alarms
  • Challenging individuals that appear suspicious

  • These are not an extensive list of duties carried out by our personel while Static Guarding, EagleSec are a competitive security company that specialise in tailor made security soloutions.

  • Security Guards
  • Key Holding
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Store Detectives
  • Surveilance
  • Emergency Response


ACE European Group Ltd insures Eagles Security