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Harlow Manned Guarding

At Eaglesec, we take care of all your security and guarding needs, your business is important to you and we understand that, let us take care of your property/materials so you can focus more of your valuable time on your business.

When it comes to Security, you can rest easy with us. Whether it's a location that has frequent incidents due to Violance, vandalism or theft you can ensure we have you covered, whether you require one-off security personel or searching for long-term security, we can help you.

Eaglesec are happy to provide quality and competitive priced security guard services that are insured. We operate in Essex, Hertfordshire or Greater London, contact us now on Freephone 0800 8818 542 , Harlow Office: 01279441649 - Fax: 01279408772 , Mobile: 07930762642 - Alternatively, you can email us on 24 hours 7 days a week to discuss your potential security guarding requirements


ACE European Group Ltd insures Eagles Security